Tips for Beginner Runners

Running is probably the best way to lose weight, as a lot of Gold Coast personal trainers will advise you. Initially when you start, you might not like it too much. Women especially have a tough time dealing with a lot of problems like irritated skin, and unsupported bosoms. Besides this, first time runners often get a lot of blisters and suffer from painful feet. Here are some tips that will help make your Gold Coast outdoor fitness experience a lot more comfortable and pain free.

Invest in some good gear

When it comes to exercising, always invest in good quality gear. Buy a good pair of shoes, that are comfortable. Before you buy them, walk around the store a little to check if they fit you well. Buy cotton socks that allow your feet to breathe. This will ensure that they do not get too sweaty. When it comes to clothes, buy a shirt made of of soft material that does not stick to your skin too much. Your shorts again should not be too tight, otherwise they will end up irritating your skin. Outdoor fitness Gold Coast will be a much more pleasant experience if you are dressed comfortably.

Keep track of your progress

Everybody nowadays owns cell phones. So you should invest in a phone app that will measure the progress that you make each day. You can check your timings, the distance, and even the number of calories that you have managed to burn during your Gold Coast outdoor fitness routine.

Run outdoors and not on a treadmill

A lot of people believe that running on a treadmill is same as running outdoors. But they do not know the fact that outdoor fitness in Gold Coast is a lot more difficult. When you run outdoors, the terrain keeps on changing. Thus your body has to keep on making minor adjustments while running. Hence your body ends up burning a lot more calories than it would have on a treadmill.


Exercise Variations To Keep Fitness Fun

Exercises are usually viewed as a dull and boring routine and therefore, chances of declining interest are quite high. In order to bring down such incidents, Gold Coast boot camps categorize fitness seekers into homogenous groups so that there is cohesiveness and interest intact in every group. Similarly, a personal trainer can also help to develop routines that are tailor made for every individual so as to ensure that motivational levels do not dip.

Such simple yet effective ideas can include

(1) Your mid section or the stomach is usually the pain point for many who intend to lose weight. Performing advanced and exceptional exercises to work out this area of your body along with a personal trainer is extremely effective. Performing Russian twist with a weighted plate is one such example. A combo of leg raises and crunches can be done to challenge your stomach muscles. Twisting crunches and side planks work on your core stability. Exercise Gold Coast sessions help to master basics before proceeding with advanced techniques.

(2) Making use of TT addiction workout challenge is one of the tricks that will enable your body to work out to the maximum. The idea is to do as many pushups that are possible in 3 minutes. Provision of adequate rest intervals in between is necessary.

(3) Mixing up workouts will remove boredom. Alternating different forms of exercising is one of the survival concepts behind boot camps.

(4) When you indulge in exercises or workouts that you enjoy, you will stay on track and exercise to your maximum. Work with a personal trainer to introduce novelty and interesting concepts in varying intensities.

(5) Doing plank exercises with frog kicks in exercises Gold Coast in two levels is not just interesting but also energizing and effective.

There are several interesting ideas you can introduce to your routine workout and this becomes all the more simple with the guidance of a personal trainer.